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About Us

The Living & Learning Foundation was set up with whanaungatanga in mind, to develop relationships with people and to empower individuals, families and communities through the gift of knowledge.

The foundation places young children at its centre, understanding that if we can create a space for tamariki to have a great start in their early years, they will grow to become independent, resilient and capable life-long learners who could make a significant difference in the future. We also believe that all whānau should have an opportunity for learning, despite how they might be impacted by their circumstance.

We are excited about partnering with families— locally and internationally— to see children become the leaders of tomorrow; and we are here for it.

Our Vision and Values

Faith leads us, Hope encourages us and Aroha empowers us.

Our Vision and Values - Faith
Our Vision and Values - Hope
Our Vision and Values - Love
A Letter from our Founder

A very warm welcome to the Living & Learning Foundation.

Our lives are enriched and our horizons are expanded through the privilege of learning.  For many, this is something we take for granted.  It is so easy to become cocooned in our own world, ignorant of the realities of life as it is experienced by others.

It is through learning that we are made aware of the many lives that follow a road so different from our own.  The lives of little children, young people, families and whole communities are impacted by their circumstances.

It was out of a heartfelt belief that we could assist in empowering individuals, families and communities to overcome life’s challenges that the Living & Learning Foundation was born. Yes, we are mindful of the realities we face and respectful of the lives we link with.  This is not about an easy solution, but it is about stepping out in faith, learning, increasing awareness and acknowledging that given the opportunity everyone has an enormous capacity to make a positive contribution to society and to live a meaningful life.

So we place the early childhood service at the heart of our family centres because a positive start in life has been proven time and time again to significantly influence the leading of a healthy, productive and fulfilling life.  It is our belief that, as we place our trust in a loving and caring God and work together, strengthened through diversity, every New Zealander can live a life enriched through knowledge-sharing, tolerance and education.

Glennie Oborn
Founding Trustee

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"In this world we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love."
- Mother Theresa