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At Living & Learning Henderson, we believe whanaungatanga, or relationship, is the strongest foundation we can build for tamariki, whānau and Kaiako to flourish and learn together.

Childcare Centre Henderson

As a centre, our Kaiako and support teams are here for whānau and tamariki on your journey to becoming capable and confident, and instilling in them a passion for lifelong learning.

Our values of faith, hope and love underpins everything we do to support the families and the vibrant Henderson community we are a part of. We see each child as a unique individual, and believe they deserve care that nurtures this uniqueness. We are also committed to developing and supporting their ako, while protecting their mana wairua with authentic loving and respectful connections. In partnership with whānau, our team and Kaiako endeavour to create a safe space where aspirations are nurtured and needs are met— all while understanding how we all play a dual role of learner and teacher in the life of our child.

Our teaching is guided by Te Whāriki: He Whāriki Mātauranga Mō Nga Mokopuna o Aotearoa, which is embedded within our learning environments. We are also inspired by RIE and Pikler, commonly referred to as a philosophy of respect that provides an opportunity for free movement to explore time and space to develop both physically and emotionally.

Our environment is calm, peaceful, and relaxed, keeping children safe and cared for, and creating a sense of belonging and wellbeing for all.

Living and Learning Henderson
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Living and Learning Henderson Childcare Centre

Our Programmes

Henderson Childcare Under 2 Years Old

Under 2’s

The program of care for our under two-year-olds is inspired by the Pikler and RIE foundations, so it’s based on the belief that trusting and respectful partnerships between children, families and teachers are the foundation for happy children to learn. Kaiako will welcome your whānau, and be there to help you settle into centre life.

By taking time, and using sensitive observation of your child, Kaiako gain an understanding of your baby's cues and competencies— which enables them to respond to their needs, plan for and extend their learning and development. 

Throughout the day, there’ll be shared 'care moments' with your little one such as when they’re being fed, changed or put to sleep. These warm and peaceful interactions build a relationship with your child that enables us to understand their individual need for time, uninterrupted self-directed play and discovery. 

In this way, your child’s emotional wellbeing is protected, so they’ll feel settled and able to develop strong attachments. It’s this reassurance that builds partnership with your family, and enables your child to trust and depend on their caregivers to respond to their needs.

Henderson Preschool Program

Preschool Program

Embedding aspects of school life in the kaupapa of our preschool room is an effective way to assist your child in their preparation for a smooth transition to kura. This also teaches your preschooler some of the necessary skills they will need to cope with this next step in their education journey. Various fun experiences are weaved into your child’s day, like listening for the bell, so they recognise this as a cue which marks different times and activities in the day— something they will need to know when they go to school.

Childcare in Henderson Stay and Play

Stay & Play

A family-friendly feature of our service is the Stay and Play program, which has its own classroom. Parents are welcome to bring their child and stay with them to share in their learning. Just like the other five classrooms, the furnishings and resources in this room have been carefully chosen to create a fun-filled, exciting environment that your child will love. 

Henderson Childcare Kindy Sessions

Kindy Sessions

We offer Kindy Sessions for 3 and 4 year-old children, Mondays to Fridays. Whānau have the option of a totally free kindergarten service. This session runs from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, on those days and utilise the 20 Hours ECE scheme, providing a creative learning program, as well as support your preschool child’s natural interests and socialisation. 

Living and Learning Henderson Family Services

Family Services 

One of the particularly unique features of the Living & Learning Family Centre is the range of wrap-around services it offers to families. These include the Young Parent unit, as well as four other office spaces which accommodate several valuable services including Plunket, midwifery, budgeting, counseling, and acupuncture— all available at different times throughout the week.

Henderson Young Mum Program

Young Mum Program

This is a program that provides life and wellbeing skills for teenage mums and young mums in the wider community. We run a workshop-based program that covers topics such as positive parenting, parenting for dads, and healthy eating to name a few. You can find out more about the workshops here.

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