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Young Mum

Young Mum is a 20-week workshop-based program supporting teenage or young mothers as well as any hapū māmā with life skills to help you thrive in your parenting journey. The program is free to enroll with and there is a nurturing childcare and education program available for your child if needed. 

We understand that parenting can be challenging at times, and believe that the Young Mum Program can make an extraordinary difference not only in your own future, but also for your child. At Young Mum, you’ll find a safe and supportive environment with māmās going through a similar journey, you’ll have fun, build friendships and discover ways to create success in your life. Our experienced program coordinator will take you through creative activities, real talk, social opportunities, and a time of personal reflection where you’ll learn about a range of topics including wellbeing, nutrition, motherhood, parenting skills, and personal growth. 

Upon completion of the course, there will be a graduation ceremony. Māmās then continue to receive ongoing support through our facilitated playgroup, and follow-up contact. 

Henderson Young Mum Program - Personal Growth
Henderson Young Mum Workshop
Henderson Young Mum Personal Growth Workshop

Our Programmes

Young Mum Program Henderson - Parenting


Learn practical ways to build a strong whānau, parenting through affirmation, what it means for tamariki to learn through play, and how to settle and sleep your little ones among other things. There are heaps of other beneficial kōrero time around these topics through the information we discuss with you, all ultimately to set you up for parenting success. 

Young Mum Program Henderson - Wellbeing


As māmās of young children, it’s often easy to forget about your own wellbeing and self-care. Our program helps you to set goals for yourself, set boundaries around your relationships, build confidence and self-esteem. You’ll will also leave with knowledge about your sexual health, contraception, nutrition, health, immunisation and create a supportive network of people around you to help you thrive as an individual.

Young Mum Program Henderson - Time for fun

Time for fun!

Get stuck into calming methods like journaling, arts and crafts, music, recreational activities outdoors and even get a photoshoot as part of the course in preparation for graduation!

Young Mum Program Henderson - Life Skills

Life Skills

Hand-on skills include cooking, first aid training, budgeting and how to create a glowing CV to help you nail that job application you're keen on.

Contact us

If you are interested in joining our Young Mum Program or, if you know someone who may be interested, contact us for a kōrero! We’d love to hear from you. We welcome self-referrals and agency referrals. 

There are two intakes into this course each year— February and July.  


Helen or Kelsi Phone: 09 837 7992

Text: 029 773 0631

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