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You and your child will feel the warmth in the welcome, as you enter Living and Learning’s Family Centre - at the heart of which is the early childhood centre. This modern, architecturally designed building on Universal Drive in Henderson is situated just a few hundred metres east of Lincoln Road, convenient for easy motorway access and close to the commercial heart of the Henderson community and the families we’re here to support. 


The centre opened on the 31st January 2012, and is licensed to care for and educate 100 children. Centre furnishings and resources in each of the five classrooms have been specially chosen to create an innovative and friendly atmosphere, in which your child will have fun as they’re learning. Homely touches are woven into a state of the art environment that has an inviting feel, where children can settle, feel comfortable and enjoy a sense of belonging.


People and relationships are at the heart of Living and Learning, which is reflected in our evolving team, 7 of whom have been with us since our opening in 2012. They bring a wealth of experience and teaching practices.

Support Staff
ECE Studens

Your child will be nurtured by a team of 22 permanent teachers, 3 support staff and 4 ECE students, as well as regular and highly-regarded relievers at the early childhood centre. West Auckland is richly diverse in cultural heritage and this is reflected in our team, who come from a range of ethnicities and are bi-lingual in several languages including Te Reo Maori, Mandarin and Indian.


The bike track


Water games area

As you make your way through the centre, you’ll come across the beautiful outdoor play area; designed and planned with children in mind. The wide variety of activities and play equipment provided encourages physical challenges, learning through movement, and social interaction for children, at each stage of their development.

Features include a bike track, sandpits, a “magic dome”, “glow worm caves”, a water games area, wooden bridge, a maze and so much more. This world of outdoor discovery is set in a secure, quiet, well-landscaped area of the centre, ensuring that your child will thrive, love learning to explore and enjoy all the new opportunities it offers.

Under 2’s

The program of care for our under twos is inspired by the Pikler and RIE foundations, so it’s based on the belief that trusting and respectful partnerships between children, families and teachers are the foundation for learning and happy children. Key teachers will welcome you and your child, and be there to help you settle into centre life.

By taking time, and using sensitive observation of your little one, teachers gain an understanding of your infant’s cues and competencies – which enables them to respond to their needs, and plan for and extend their learning and development. 

Throughout the day, there’ll be shared “care moments” with your little one such as when they’re being fed, changed or put to sleep. These warm and peaceful interactions build a relationship with your child that enables us to understand their individual need for time, uninterrupted self-directed play and discovery. 

In this way, your child’s emotional well-being is protected, so they’ll feel settled and able to develop strong attachments. It’s this reassurance that builds partnership with your family, and enables your child to trust and depend on their care-givers to respond to their needs.


Preschool/Transition to School


Embedding aspects of school life in the kaupapa of our Preschool room is an effective way to assist your child in their preparation for a smooth transition to school. This also teaches your preschooler some of the necessary skills they will need to cope with this next step in their education journey. Various fun experiences are woven into your child’s day, like listening for the bell, so they recognise this as a cue which marks different times and activities in the day – something they will need to know when they go to school. Special features of our Preschool Room include:

Mahi Bag

Mahi Bags

These are provided on a weekly basis so that your child has the opportunity to take home games and worksheets to do with their family.

Mana Reo

Mana Reo time

Each day, your child will be involved in a group session which focuses on a range of school based activities e.g. maths, writing skills.

Self Help

Self-Help skills

Your child will have on-going opportunities to practise self-help skills and will be supported in developing other skills, for example when playing in group situations, to resolve problems by themselves.

Writing book

Writing books

Your child will have their own book in which they can practise the alphabet and letter formation.

Sign in

Sign in book

 This is available each day so that your child is able to practise writing his/her name.


“Stay & Play” Program

A family-friendly feature of our service is the “Stay & Play” program, which has its own classroom. As a parent, you now have a place where you can bring your child, and stay with them to share in their learning, as they play. Just like the other five classrooms, the furnishings and resources in this room have been carefully chosen to create a fun-filled, exciting environment which your child will love. 

20 Hour Ece

Kindy Sessions

We offer Kindy sessions for 3 and 4 year old children, every day during the week. Families have the option of a totally free Kindy service, also for 3 and 4 year old children. This session runs from 12.30pm – 3.30pm on Mondays and Fridays and 09.30am – 2.30pm Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Both morning and afternoon sessions utilise the 20 Hours ECE scheme and provide a creative learning program, as well as supporting your preschool child’s natural interests and socialisation. 


Family Services 

One of the particularly unique features of Living and Learning’s Family Centres is the range of “wrap around” family services it offers. These include the “Young Parent” unit, as well as four other office spaces which accommodate several valuable services including Plunket, midwifery, budgeting, counselling, acupuncture and a variety of others, available at different times throughout the week.


“Young Mums”

This is a program that provides life and well-being skills for teens and young mums in the wider community. Finally, we have the facilities to offer a variety of workshops. These cover topics such as positive parenting, parenting for Dads, healthy eating, to name a few. You can find out more about new services and workshops here. 

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"Free the child's potential, and you will transform him into the world."
- Maria Montessori